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Siren Drake
Framnes Terrasse 3 B  *  N- 0270 Oslo
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Strategic and action-oriented business manager, visionary and able to form the bigger picture. Specifies strategies and defines action plans embracing the actions needed to move forward with an innovating and creative edge in an highly competitive marketplace.

Broad experience from both national and international business, has a sharp intellect and great empowering energetic ability.

Manages business opportunities from plan to actual running operations.
 Food fashionista and creator of Martha Mettlig, your Strategic partner in team building using Food & Wine as platform.
 Also interested in Directorships.

Specialties: Business Development from Strategy to Operations.
Focus on Innovation as a driving force for business growth and Design as a competitive edge. French and English fluent. Has a high motivation factor is robust and reliable.


Skolpure. Project Jan 2013 –

Marketing & Development Manager, cofounder.
Our Business Idea is to create a marketplace for products that meet our high ecological and fair trade standards.
We will focus on high quality goods of good design, directed to private consumers

We will create a web-portal with a web shop where manufacturers can present consumer products meeting our standards and are perceived as high quality, natural and ethically sustainable.

Launch early 2014.

Matadore AS/ Mat & Behag AS 1.nov.1999-:

Entrepreneur and founder of MARTHA Mettlig; a restaurant and catering business in Oslo, which produces, serves, delivers and sells gourmet food, activities and services. New niche concept in Oslo. Innovative, with emphasis on design and overall implementation. Team Building Activities for customers in the kitchen and restaurant. Total responsibility for operations, strategy and market monitoring. Chairman and principal investor, construction manager for two rounds of rebuilding.
Versatile and creative industry with high pace and demands for transparency and adaptability.

Dyno Industrier ASA: Explosives Group, Oslo, Jan 1994 - Sept 97:

International Marketing & Sales Coordinator at group level for the market areas in Europe, North America and Asia. Strategic market planning, responsibility for international sales activities and marketing communications.
Chemistry Group, Lillestrøm, March 1990 – November ’94:
Business development, project manager. Development of new markets for existing products, new technology and products. Technical sales and licensing of existing production processes. Cooperation Projects and Joint Ventures. Internationally, with particular emphasis on Eastern Europe.

Self-employed, SDC, 1987 -90:

Advisory consultancy for increased trade between Norway and France. Based in Oslo, a partner in Paris. Industry and research products.

Statoil, Stavanger. Division for processing and marketing, gas department, 1984 - 1986:

Market analysis, development of natural gas liquids unit (LPG). Strategy Design, contract negotiation and customer management. Spot gas sales, building sales management systems. Mainly Europe.

Elf France, Paris. Department of lubricants for marine vessels, 1983 - 1984: Operation Monitoring

Norwegian Trade Council, Paris. 1982: Export Scholarship. Ing. F. Selmer AS, Oslo, 1980 - 1981: Long-term planning, industrial marketing.


• Board competence, BI Oslo, Norway 2001
• IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland:
Managing for Marketing Success, 1997
• MBA in Business Economics Department, Bærum, Norway 1978 – 1981
• Real Artium Tanks at school, Bergen, Norway 1976


Linguistic strong, speaks French and English fluently. Good knowledge of German

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