Our Vision is:

To work with the following areas of Business:


France has one of the world's largest economies, with an efficient and modern economic system and a market of more than 66 million people.


Cross cultural references, language skills, network and a good understanding of how a technical product can reach the market are vital to succeed in new markeds.


with activities evolving Food & Wine - a perfect setting for building happy Multicultural teams with the best interaction

What can we do for you?

  • We can point to market opportunities, help you to get to know the culture and understand the different market mechanisms. 
  • We contribute to a shorter and leaner approach from plan to implementation
  • We can be your partner along the way; we can invest in your project if you so wish

Business proposal:

Project Management

• • • Description, Market-analysis and Strategy outlining • • • Inspiration & Motivation of your Team • • • Door opener & Guide through the Cultures


• • • • Different forms of Teambuilding - all including Food & Wine • • • • Lectures on various topics on Innovation and Team Management, Cross-Cultural Communication • • • •Social Events with activities

Can you benefit from our Services?

  • Your Company is aware of the French Market Potential and You need external assistance in order to move forward

  • You already have a product in demand in France. You need to establish further basis for exchange and cooperation

  • You are looking for a potential partner within a field where France has developed a niche competence. 

Branch specialties:

TeamDrake has a good knowledge within these fields:

  • Food & beverage

We also know about:

  • Chemical business in multinational environment 
  • Energy; Offshore and land-based power-intensive industry
  • General industrial activities
  • Export and Import of goods and services
  • Establishment of Joint Ventures

What kind of results can you expect ?

Save time

* Get a LEAN and flexible development of the project * Establish successful business with multicultural team•

Save time - achieve target

•Increase your Market in France & EU • Get new Partners and increase your Team • Establish a leaner and more successful development of Your Project

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