Design, interiours

Savannen Interiør

Furniture, interiours, decoration

Good selection of all you need for a modern and stylish home

Interiør Plan

Designer, interiour decoration

Specialized in designing restaurants and public areas

Travel - tourism

Fram Arrangement

Travel agency

Arrange travels, seminars, conferences, in Scandinavia, Europe and North America. Wherever you go - they can arrange the practicalities for you

Villa Alpina Jondal

Rooms to let by the Hardanger Fjord

Jondal is the perfect place to experience Norwegian Fjords and Mountains. Ski lift to the Folgefonna glacier all year around, trekking, fishing, hunting, or just plain recreation.

Event & Teambuilding

Martha Mettlig, Oslo & Paris

teambuilding - social events - catering

Welcoming groups to join in with our professional teams. Cookingclass, winetasting, cocktail mixing, beer-tasting and general social settings with French-inspired gourmet food and drinks. Find us in Oslo & Paris

Speakers & Services

Women talk

Book a speaker

Listen to a competent, interesting women with Inspiring Stories to share. Speakers from various industries and branches talk about their personal experience and background. English and Scandinavian language

Chambre de Commerce Franco-Norvegienne

Chamber of Commerce

Meetingplace for businesses and people with interests in French trade issues. Assist newcomers to establish companies in Norway. TeamDrake is a member

Nicolas Gaussen

France FInance Consulting

Legal expert with cross-cultural background and sound experience in private banking. Provide advice and guidance to both Norwegian and French families for over 17 years, His special fields include French-Norwegian inheritance and tax planning

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