Meet the Team:

Siren Drake

Businesswoman and entrepreneur with international preferences, especially fond of France and the French Culture. Worked with International Marketing and Sales. Founder of Martha Mettlig, a restaurant and teambuilding company in Oslo and Paris.

Nora Mahmoudi

Businesswoman with experience from corporate sales and marketing of commercial administrative and electronic tools to small and medium companies in France and the EU. Founder of Skolpure, an e-marketing site for sustainable consumer-products

Teamleaders set up Project Organisations

And more:

We can do for You

Your company wants to organize:

  • Social events; such as Teambuilding with practical activities, or just Catering
  •  Workshops with speakers on current topics concerning:
  • Innovation
  • Multicultural Projects and Cross Cultural Communication

Event & Teambuilding

Frode Skjønnås

Chef with a rock-image and a Harley Davidson. Loves to use Norwegian products in combination with spices and lots of flavours. Patient, but has a temper!

Arjan de Jong

Chef with long-term experience with us. Came from Holland and fell in love with the Norwegian produce and nature. Excellent sauce- composer.

Bruno Chartier

Chef from Paris with long-term bistro experience. Traditional French disches spruced up with exotic falvours . such as fenalår and other fancy stuff

Yann Le Berre

Chef with gourmet experience and French education. Worked in several high-end restaurants in Oslo and a long-term collaborator with us.

Speakers & Facilitators

Per Christian Ellefsen

Actor and experience lecturer.

Good body language is important for providing good service

Get to know the strong impact on your behavior by the use of body and voice. The actor shares many of his experiences from the stage, to help participants be freer and more precise when presenting a message in front of an audience. The theme is personalized with many tips on stress control. Combined with a social event to complete the outcome.

Irmelin Drake

Associate Professor of Leadership, a writer, speaker, researcher and a social entrepreneur.

Main topic areas:

  • Norwegian management & The Scandinavian leadership context
  • Self-leadership and self-coaching
  • Change management, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The Social Construction of leadership and meaning making 

Karl Åge Midtbø

Organizational psychologist.

With the use of the individual Personality Profile, you get feedback on your personal drivers, the direction of your energy and vitality – Knowledge and experience relevant to both work and privacy. outcome.

The combination with a social team-event completes and interesting session with high personal outcome.

Our Mission is to :

–  Help the teams see more Market opprtunities in the French and Scandinavian Market 

–  Enhance Cross cultural Cooperation and bridge language barriers

–   Help build teams ready for new challenges in France, EU and Scandinavia

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