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Hyperloop TT

The Future is now!

By Siren Drake

Ever heard of the Hyperloop?

The next thing in future transportation of goods and humans with the speed of lightning (almost) ?

Some inventive engineers came up with a disrupting way of organize our future transportation, above ground, rather than on ground, off rail and off road, but not entirely airborne.

Quick look at the concept:

» This is the nearest thing to a Sci-Fi movie we will ever get in real life ! «

The Future Transportation

I am convinced we will see the project carried out in one way or the other.

The question is more: who we be the first to construct one of these high-speed, super sonic systems.

HTT is an American company funded only 4 years ago. The project is to develop a high speed, intercity transporter using a low pressure tube train which would reach a top speed of 1.300 km per hour with a yearly capacity of 15 million passengers.

HTT also plans to build slower privatized urban Hyperloops for inter-suburb travel.

Privately Funded through Crowdfunding

The project is special in every which way you see it.

Elon Musk is the High patron. HTT is hundre percent privately funded, through a giant crowdfunding action and 920 specialists in 42 countries work hard to realize this dream of a transportation programme.

The future transportation is here, right around the corner!

Test station to be build in Toulouse

For the time being, there is no real test- run outside the laboratories, but this week they started the construction of a test field of 1,4 km in Francazal, just outside Toulouse in the South of France. The news was announced today at Futurapolis by Bibob G.Gresta, Chairman of Hyperloop TT.

Next year you can come and make a test run and feel the sensation of travelling in more than 1.000 km per hour.

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