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France & Scandinavia

Our Vision :

Collaborate across the French and Scandinavian culture and focus on businesses that have an innovation potential.

We have a long-term perspective; we are flexible and can be your Partner into new marketing opportunities.

Large Potential

France has one of the world's largest economies

–  with an efficient and modern economic system and a market of at least 66 million people.

Traditional industries have gradually given way for high tech, computer industry and space technology.

An efficient and modern economic system

- represents a market of at least 66 million people. - Today France is also a major supplier to the service sector as well as a large and well-managed agriculture.

You own or work in a company that wants to:

- enter into the French  or Scandinavian market

- has a product with high market potential in France or in Scandinavia  -

-you are in need of door opener to approach the demand

- We can Point to market opportunities, we know the culture and understand the market potential of a technical product.

- We ensure shorter time from idea to implementation

- We can be your Partner along the way; we can invest in your project, if you wish.

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